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Welcome to the LTC Projector website.
What is the LTC Projector™?
Quite simply it might be the most comprehensive long term care needs analysis system you have ever used.

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ORCA Financial Concepts Inc

Why sell long term care?

Solutions for LTC Insurance business

Because you want to grow your business!

As you may know there are only four ways to grow any business:

  1. More of the right type of customers.
  2. Do business with these customers more often http://www.ltcprojector.com/download.htm
  3. Increase the value of each transaction
  4. Increase the efficiency of your business processes
Long term care insurance is most often presented to people with income and assets to protect; studies show that these people want to know about long term care and how it might affect them.  These are the right type of customers for all of your products and services.

By doing a needs analysis and addressing your client's concerns you will sell larger policies and this will increase the value of your long term care transactions!

Using the LTC Projector sales track will give you a process that you will grow increasingly familiar with and this will allow you to close more of these larger LTC sales!

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